31st August, 2017

​My third Udemy course, this one a free course, was published on 29th August, and has been very popular.
​Its called "LEADERSHIP Psychology: Negotiation and Influencing Secrets!". You can find it
I now have a total of 1000 students on Udemy :)
​Its a nice feeling ... I do hope to be able to engage most of them and keep them happy and learning! 

21st August, 2017

Very insightful article on Primed Decision Making, here.

The many many pitfalls that exist to rational decision-making, even if one is trained to do so.
​My course on Decision-Making deals with some cool strategies that can actually work.
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18th August, 2017
Very good article on Emotional Intelligence here: 
Emotional Intelligence can drive Brand Growth.
My next course, which is still a few weeks away, will be on Emotional Intelligence - the real research and studies behind emotions and how they affect our behaviour and decisions.
​Stay tuned ...

Some Interesting Articles and Links

What Science tells us about Leadership potential
​I love the last para in the article : "In short, the science of leadership is well established. There is no real need to advance it in order to improve real-world practices. We should focus instead on applying what we already know, and ignoring what we think we know that isn’t true." 
​Thats exactly what I am trying to do with my series of courses on Leadership Science :)

Even the best data analytics or market conditions cannot save a decision thats the result of a biased process
​My course on Decision Making deals exclusively with this and more.
Root out bias from your decision making process. HBR article here.

Game Theory can be immensely helpful in Leadership and Management.
I devote the second part of my first course on Udemy entirely to Game Theory.
Do enroll, and you can go through it, it provides some interesting scenarios and possible solutions.
Interesting article